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Metal tile, Compressed Tile & Chip coat Roofing Repairs


Iron, Compressed Tile & Chip coat Roofing

Iron Roofing & Compressed tile is predominately New Zealand’s Preferred style of roofing. The key benefit of metal roofing  is that they positively impact building performance by providing longevity, durability and sustainability. Although preferred by a large majority for their withstand ability, they still require regular maintenance to keep in full form.  

The maintenance side of things

Being metal,  steel roofing is prone to rust & can lead to serious damage to your home and other parts of your roofing system if left unmaintained. Most older type iron roofs were secured with the use of nails. In todays practice we have learnt that these cause major problems for iron roofs as the steel nail attracts a chemical reaction between the roofing sheet and itself. Iron Roofs are also common for rusting away in different ares from exposure to New Zealand’s conditions.  A damaged iron or compressed tile roof can often be hard to identify, leak detection can turn into a hard case. Here at Fern Roofing Solutions we specialise in these types of roofing, and go above and beyond for our customers. Here are a couple common problems that are often caused by unmaintained roofing. 

  • Tile Surface Rust / Deep Corrosion
  • sheet and tile fittings loose/missing
  • Dented sheets/Dented tiles
  • Flashing wear and tear/lifting/damaged
  • Exposed surface/chip coat missing/paint fading  

Our metal roof repair services

  • Steel Flashing repairs & instalments
  • Iron Sheet & Compressed Tile replacements
  • Steel Valley replacements & repairs
  • Old type Nail removal and install of new screws
  • Iron Sheet & Compressed tile Leak Detection & Remedy
  • Iron Roof Paint Restoration 
  • Compressed & Chip coat Paint Restoration
  •  Iron Rust Repairs
  • Long Run – Corrugated iron – Euro tray & more 
  • Compressed tiles – Decramastic – Gerrard Tiles

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