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Roof Restorations & Re-Roofing

Roof Restorations & Re-Roofing

When you have exhausted all your options to maintain your roof and it’s still not in it’s best condition. It might be time to look at getting a full re-coat restoration or ultimately a re-roof. Your roof, like everything else in life,  often has an expiry date.  A paint restoration can be a great investment to prolong the roof condition up to 10 years or more. If this is no longer a viable option, then it is time to consider a full roof replacement.


The maintenance side of things

Keeping up maintenance of your roof is the best advice one can give. But general maintenance cannot last forever. When your options become exhausted, a restorative roofing approach might be of interest. A restorative roof coating application option is available on most roof types including concrete tile, iron roofing, compressed tile, chip coated tile and others. If a restorative roofing option is no longer possible (ask one of our specialists) it would be time to consider replacing your roofing. Need more information? Get in contact and find out now

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