Concrete & Clay Tile Roof Maintenance


Concrete & Clay Roofing

Concrete tile & Clay tile roofing has been used and trusted throughout New Zealand for well over 100 years. These roof tiles are designed primarily to keep out rain, and are traditionally made from locally available materials such as terracotta or Concrete. Modern materials such as concrete and plastic are also used and some clay tiles have a waterproof glaze type coating available. Roof tiles are fitted to the framework of a roof by fixing them with nails and some cases wire.

The maintenance side of things

Concrete & Terracotta tiling requires maintenance to withstand the harsh reality of New Zealand’s Weather. While a Concrete & Clay tile roof is a great product in itself, it requires regular maintenance to serve it’s main purpose (protecting your home). Ridge capping of a Concrete/Terracotta roof is secured by mortar and pointing compound. Within time, the movement of your home and varying weather conditions cause the mortar securing your ridge caps to crack and eventually break away causing your roof to be in a vulnerable position. It is recommended to have your tile roof regularly checked and maintained to ensure your roof is performing to its trusted reputation.

Monier Centurion Ridge Repair

Concrete/Clay Tile roof Repairs

  • Full Roof Re-Bed and pointing 
  • Full Roof Re-pointing
  • Ridge Cap & Tile Replacement
  • Valley Replacements & Repairs
  • Concrete & Clay tile Leak Detection & Remedy
  • Concrete Roof Paint Restoration 
  • Lead Repair
  • Flashing Repairs
  • Concrete Roof Repairs
  • Terracotta Roof Repairs

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