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Our promise, is your satisfaction.

The newly established Fern Roofing Solutions is taking Auckland by storm and stopping at nothing to provide the ultimate roofing service for our people in New Zealand. Our team of experts have great pride in all the work they endure, and aim high to leave only the best impression to all of our customers. Living in the ever fast expanding Auckland, can get quite overwhelming and deter your thinking for the better and for the worst. We insist on taking what could be an underlying stress out of your daily life, by looking after a critical part of your greatest assets. Your roof on your home. Although easily forgotten, an unmaintained roof can cause serious damage to your homes interior and can lead to a hefty repair cost. Don’t let your greatest asset turn into a burden. Get in contact today and let us help you.

-Fern Roofing Solutions

PVC Guttering Rain Water System

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